Bethel Community Church

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If a church doesn't worship, is it really a church?

We have many active ministries to aid our community, but if we do not come together to glorify God in worship, then we are a business, organisation or social service programme - not a church. 


The purpose of worship is to maginify and exalt God to the highest place in our lives. We let go of our problems, fears and failures to surrender before God; unhindered by our past, present or future in order to fully engage with and envounter the one who has saved us and redeemed us. 

We enjoy this freedom, knwoing that we did nothing to deserve His grace or attention, but worship isn't for the Holy. It's for every one of us who is still a work in progress.


Worship takes many forms and we implore you to take things at your own pace. 

  • We have a live band who bring musical worship in contemporary songs and classic hymns.
  • We enjoy silence, when occassion dictates, to allow the Holy Spirit to be the loudest.
  • We also have creative prayer spaces, demonstrations, art supplies and theme days to keep things fresh.
  • You can celebrate with your hands in the air, dance around, or quietly contemplate.

Spirit and Truth

The Bible tells us to "worship in spirit and truth" so we strive to be authentic with our expressions of worship and want every member to be free to be true to themselves. The words on the screen are for guidance, or when we have no other words, but sing your own song!

We also worship in spirit. We make room for Holy Spirit to move among us and sometimes that allows us to speak in tongues, prophesy, heal, pray or move in any way that God wishes. We are sensitive and available.