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Link Groups

Link groups meet either weekly or fortnightly on a Wednesday or Thursday in people’s homes in the city of Newport and surrounding areas. 

Each Link group consists of up to 15 people and has a designated leader who would love to have you join them.

What is Link?

Link groups are not ‘stuffy’ and ‘boring’ but are fun, fresh and friendly – The sort of things that take place in Link groups are Games, Meals, Socialising, Films, Discussions and … more meals!

We want to get away from the ‘Meeting’ and ‘Classroom’ approach, and to be more flexible and free from programmes and Bible studies and to spend time in social and Spiritual activities that might encourage us and others to practically experience the power and the purpose of Christ in our lives.


We feel that these groups work effectively in ensuring that everyone feels part of the wider family and are cared for individually, and can identify with specific friends when the church come together collectively.


If you are interested in joining a Link group, see the Pastor or one of the leadership team.