Bethel Community Church

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Raise The Roof

We are currently raising money in order to expand. Our vision is to create a new floor in the upper area of the church, moving our Worship and Services upwards, using the original pews and decor (to be restored and enhanced) by creating a new floor where our current inner roof is. 

We estimate the total cost will be £183,500.

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August Update

We are just waiting on the Building Surveyor to let us have plans for the work that needs to be done, based on our conversations with the Structural Engineer. When we have these, we will start the process of obtaining Listed Building Consent with Newport City Council, with a view of hopefully getting permission to start the work in January 2018.We will be partially funding the work by selling The Gap Centre and moving the projects that we run out of there into the main church building.

Buy A Chair Initiative

One way of raising a substantial amount towards the £100,000 is through ‘Buy a Chair’. Once completed, we will have seating for 400 people. We encourage as many people as possible to ‘buy a chair’ for yourself and someone else in faith, that you are believing for that currently doesn’t come to church, whether that be a family member, friend or work colleague.

The cost of one chair is £250 and we are asking people to pledge to pay for the chair/s over an 18 month period, which worked out at £14 per month, per chair. 

We believe in a God that ‘owns the cattle on a thousand hills,’ but many times God wants us to fo our bit in faith towards the work of God. And I believe that this is one of those times, as we look to enlarge our tent ready for the prodigals toreturn and the unsaved come to Christ

Vision Offering

On Sunday 17th September, we will also be having a ‘Vision Offering’, for people to raise money of save money from now until then and bring it as a ‘one-off’ offering towards the vision. If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to ask.